November 1, 2017

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Better With Age - The Song Stories - Side Two

October 15, 2017

Remember when albums had sides? Here are the songs that would be on the second side of the album (you were a good blog citizen and already read about side one, right? RIGHT?). Here's a rundown on the creative thought process behind each. 


"On The Run"

This song has some miles on it (pun fully intended). One of the first songs I wrote after my decade++ long hiatus from playing live and working with other musicians.  It started out as the groove-rich song you hear today but went through a couple of ill-advised iterations.  The Stone Temple Pilots funeral dirge version was especially uninspired and I'm glad I scrapped the hell out of that. Anyhoo..."On The Run" is a rusty, old, pickup truck flying down a dirt road and oozing rock-blues out of the exhaust pipe and barely staying on the road. Another angry breakup song inspired by no particular incident but hey, we've all been there, right?  I think I poured every breakup of my life into the guitar lead and I'm pretty happy with how pissed off it sounds. 



If you had doubts about my hair metal roots this should likely dispel them. A power ballad but I think it's a power ballad with an adult countenance. Again, another love song/ballad that's darker than you might think. More great backing vocals from Travis Eby, some delightful, chime-y, double-stop guitar lines in the verses done by Alex Roberts.  Raise your Bic lighter (cell phone?  no.) and shimmy up to your favorite 80's rocker. It's a long song and I considered making it shorter but hey, it's my album and people seem to really dig this one. Side note: the jean jacket I'm wearing on the cover of the album was my main piece of apparel back in my hair band days in the 80.  It and I both survived somehow. 



This one starts out with some bombastic guitar hero chords.  A guy I was jamming with recently asked me what the chords were and I politely demurred. Write your own chords, dude. Another breakup song (note to self: next album - no breakup songs) with some pretty good lyrics IMHO. A lot of tasty bass work in this one from Travis and again, more killer backup vocals.  I really enjoyed playing the lead on this and for the discerning listener, the lead ends with a modified Randy Rhoads lick that I've always loved. 


"It Reminds Me of You"

Where to start.  I wrote the lyrics when I was emotionally devastated by a couple of back to back losses. If you own the album you know it's dedicated to my best friend Brian Brown. He was one of those losses. I'm proud of the lyrics and think they stand on their own as a work of poetry.  A lot of synth/keyboards and one of two songs on the album I played bass on. Sometimes you pour every emotion you have into a song and it works and sometimes it doesn't.  I don't know if I've succeeded at a higher level in that regard than with this song. 


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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