"I finally got around to this. A fine contemporary album! Starts off with a groovy swing in "Na Na Na." Moves back and forth between classic rock sounds and crunchy newer styled guitars on the next 3 tracks. His guitar breaks are a true treat. Then we get "Nothing Left Of You." An 80's throwback in the finest sense. Moody synths and dreamy vocals. "On The Run" comes next and it's a ROCKER! Superb riffing! "Anything" is a fine ballad, perhaps a minute too long? "Believe" is saved by a fine middle breakdown. The last track ("It Reminds Me of You") is a pure gem. As emotional as anything I've heard in 20 years. Brought me to tears. A great album. My personal review." - Joe Spring, Marietta GA

"...I finally got some time to listen to this and I was rather impressed! Very tight musicianship, especially with the guitars, and I absolutely loved John's voice. Enjoyed the mix of styles, from power balladry to acoustic rock to pop punk to electronic rock. Favorites were "It Reminds Me of You", "Believe", and "Nothing Left of You". Loved it...Give it a listen, you guys." - Dan Carr, Lancaster PA

"Better With Age"

John Martine; Journeyman musician, axe man, composer, performer, he of the rapier sharp wit, recently released a nine song collection of his latest compositions. And they are wonderful. Tight ass production, exquisite, well thought out guitar, vocals and arrangements. Hard ass pop with touches of hard ass thunder rock. "Cliche warning", there really is something for everybody. John shifts gears with quicksilver abandon. Just when you've sat back with your favorite Italian red and a Marlboro, relaxing to ballads; "Anything" or "Fall Down", what can only be called a wake up call, assault on your senses with the scorching guitars of, "On The Run" and "Believe." slaps you from your repose. Told ya'. Something for everyone. My musical sensibilities draw me to "Na, Na, Na" and " Be Here With Me." If you believe; they don't make music like they used to. Someone does. John Martine is that someone. Oh, yeah, light up a lucky! Peace. - Buddy Zech, former drummer of the Ronnie D'Addario band

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