I have a little space here and you're probably hoping I have something interesting to say. No promises there but I'll try. This album has been a labor of love to say the least. Most of the songs have been around for awhile now and some of them were performed live with my old band Serenading Fool. It wasn't until very recently that I started to learn the process of engineering and recording. Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. It took awhile but eventually the joys of the endeavor far outweighed the frustrations. Some of you have been "lucky" enough to hear some of the painful earlier efforts and subsequent progress. Your words of encouragement helped more than you'll ever know.


I think of the musicians and friends who have touched my life. Kenny VanHorn was a mentor and a brother. Rest in peace, my friend. John Pazzaglia was my first guitar teacher and it was a thrill to join him and Kenny after my hair metal years in their popular band Steel Sun. You might know where I'm going next. Brian Brown. We met in 10th grade when I was asked to come join a jam session. I was a budding guitarist and maybe a little cocky. The other musicians were terrible but that bass player kid with the long hair...he had some chops. We became fast friends and inspired each other to become better players. We shared a connection that was palpable and we were a package deal for the bands that we were recruited to play in. High school bands led to several working bar bands which led to Frenzy, one of the best kept hair band secrets on the east coast. Frenzy was a wild ride with a few gigs opening for national acts. Alas, the hair spray dried up and dreams of rock stardom turned to regular guy goals. Life happened and I moved away but Brian and I always stayed in touch. We were both diagnosed with cancer within two weeks of each other. You probably know the rest of the story. As Brian's dad said at his funeral "when Brian met John everything changed.". There's a lot of Brian in this album even though you don't see his name in the songwriting credits.


On to modern times... This album is exponentially better because of Travis Eby's faithful participation. I've been lucky to count him as a friend, an arranger, a great set of ears and someone who is patient enough to tell an emotional Italian that something needs improvement. Alex Roberts had a huge hand in getting me back into music over a decade ago. I had burned out on playing in bars and hadn't touched a guitar in literally years. Alex brought the fun back to playing and I am so glad that we continue to hang out and make music together. Stay tuned. This train may have slowed down a little but it's taken a couple of really cool turns that keep the trip interesting. I look forward to more songwriting and performing and I really hope to see lots of you along the way. Thank you for listening and making me want to do this. I kind of love you guys but don't tell anyone because I have an image to uphold.

album liner notes


©2017 John Martine